10 Reasons Clients Love Easy Online Booking

10 Reasons Clients Love Easy Online Booking

Steven Borders

When it comes to business, customers always enjoy a quick and easy scheduling process. Using an online appointment scheduling solution creates a positive impression for your business and a good experience for the customer. If you aren’t using a streamlined process, it can lead to disorganized scheduling which reflects poorly on your company. The more work a customer needs to do to schedule an appointment, the less likely they are to remain your customer.

There is an easy solution to all of this: Consider switching to an online appointment scheduling tool. This will not only streamline your scheduling process, but it can save you time and money as opposed to manually scheduling appointments. Here are ten reasons your clients will love booking appointments online.

  1. They like the simplicity – Customers are already visiting your website to learn about your services and to schedule an appointment. Adding an online booking option automates the process and cuts down on phone calls. It also reduces the potential for miscommunication that may occur when scheduling an appointment.
  2. Customers enjoy self-selecting an appointment – Your customers prefer to see your availability instead of having to compare schedules over the phone. Do you have multiple staff or offices? No problem! Our scheduling solution makes it easy to combine all of your staff and locations into a single booking page.
  3. They appreciate the ability to book an appointment at any time – People are awake much longer than your business hours. They often remember to book an appointment after your office is closed. With an online scheduling software you allow customers to set up appointments at any time. The last thing you want as a business is for competitors to offer flexible online scheduling when you only offer it during business hours.
  4. It’s faster to book online – Scheduling an appointment online is faster than scheduling over the phone. With phone scheduling, customers typically have to wait on hold for the next available associate, and then go back and forth about days and times for available appointments. Booking online is a more streamlined process for everyone.
  5. Customers love confirmation and reminder notifications – Booking an appointment over the phone usually means a customer must write down the time and set a reminder. Our system eliminates this step by providing automated text and email notifications for appointment confirmations and reminders.
  6. It empowers the customer – People enjoy having the power and control over booking their appointments. They even prefer the ability to pay online when booking a class or appointment. Online scheduling simplifies the process and shows you value your customers’ time.
  7. Makes your business look more professional – Let’s face it, if your business is not leveraging technology and automating its processes, it looks unprofessional and unorganized. Customers take businesses with a strong web presence more seriously.
  8. People find it more convenient – With smart phones, scheduling an appointment has never been easier. Now customers can schedule any time from any place. If you aren’t offering easy access for scheduling appointments, you are losing business to those who are providing a convenient option.
  9. Easy to cancel and reschedule – If you don’t offer online scheduling, cancelling and rescheduling an appointment is time consuming. With TimeTap, customers can easily cancel and reschedule appointments. These options are also included in the confirmation and reminder emails sent from our solution.
  10. With a waitlist, customers don’t miss out – It’s never fun missing out on a class you wanted to attend. With our waitlist feature, any time there is a cancellation, a notification email can be automatically sent to others on a waitlist. This way your customers are always in the know when a spot opens up.

As you can see, there are many reasons customers love an easy online scheduling tool. If you aren’t using scheduling software like TimeTap, you’re likely hurting your business. Get started scheduling appointments online today. Book a demo with our team and see how our tool provides a host of powerful features that will improve your scheduling process.

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