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Check your schedule & make changes from your handheld device

A Scheduling Secretary who never takes sick days for appointment making

TimeTap helps businesses have organized appointments on their calendar & simple to understand availability for their clients to schedule with them. It's easy-to-use online scheduling that you can access from your tablet, smartphone, or desktop.

Take online appointments easily

Setting an appointment is easy from any device.

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Easy for clients to book
Simple, responsive navigation to allow clients to schedule on the go Our app provides simple appointment making
Set up online appointments with real-time scheduling Client scheduling for easy appointment booking
Scheduler available on a simple weblink
Clients can book right from your website on any mobile device Delight your clients With real-time scheduling
Easy for You to Manage
Your clients upcoming & historical appointments are available right when you need them Start taking online appointments with your clients
Get access to the clients who use your web scheduler from your phone See which clients have appointments with you from your mobile device
Get Client Info on the Fly
Sync your clients to your mobile so you have quick access to their info & your notes Appointment booking within several clicks for efficiency
Quick Accessibility
Check your schedule out & add appointments right from your iPhone or Android device Drill down to the important bits with appointment details
Quickly access today's appointments Sync your web scheduler to your mobile device
Lots of Flexibility
Add appointments for any service at any time right from your handheld Maintain flexibility with your web scheduler
Drill into Appointment Details
See what concerns your clients want to address in your upcoming appointments Arrow to web scheduler app
Easily view appointment notes for clients Keep your schedule handy to set up an appointment anytime
Mark Appointments Completed
Categorize appointments from your handheld & see them sync to all your other devices With your web scheduler you can mark appointments as completed

Keep your Schedule Handy

Little things can make a big difference

With all the phone calls that come in, you’re feeling overwhelmed with too many things to do, too little time to do them, and a general sense of unease that something important is being missed. By using online appointment scheduling, you turn those missed calls, that full voicemail, and that cluttered inbox into an automated system.

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Have your schedule available for booking from any device

Clients are just a Click Away

An all-in-one scheduling solution to move a client from thinking about making an appointment to happily serviced. With mobile friendly booking, your clients will be able to schedule with you whenever they're thinking about it & won't have to wait to get back to a computer.

A Schedule that Fits in Your Pocket

You've got enough to keep up with: family, projects, activities, the works. Online appointment scheduling is a simple & effective tool for your multifaceted & over-stressed life. With TimeTap, you'll have one less thing to worry about & keep up with. Schedule easily, wherever you are.

Make Appointment Setting Easy

Our mobile apps make managing your hectic life a piece of cake. It's impossible to have your computer with you wherever you go, but you often need to move things around at a moments notice. With TimeTap in your pocket, you'll be all set.

Scheduling is Better in Real-Time

Your clients carry their smartphones with them wherever they go. It's unrealistic to think that they'll remember to book with you when they get back to a computer. Let them book right when they think of it directly from their iPhone or Android.

Download the Mobile Apps

Once you set up your web scheduler online, download the mobile app to keep it updated on the go.
Frequently asked questions on appointment making with our mobile apps

Mobile App FAQs...

On our mobile app, you can check out your schedule for the day, add new appointments, create new client records, and view any of the classes you have set up. You can mark appointments as completed, no show, and cancelled and send out any emails regarding those status changes.

Our mobile app makes checking your schedule, adding appointments & breaks, and looking up clients quick and easy. You will still want to login to our web app to do your main account set up (like adding your different services, configuring your scheduler, adding different staff, etc.). Once you get your account setup through the web app, the mobile app will be really useful for you & your team.

We don’t have a mobile app for clients, however our scheduling system is responsive when clients view it through their mobile browser. So, when clients visit your mini scheduling website when on their phones, your scheduler will reformat to fill their smartphone screens and allow them to book easily.

If you have an Android device, you can download our mobile app from the Google Play store at this link. If you have an iOS or Apple device, you can download our mobile app from the App store at this link.

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