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6 Reasons to Upgrade to TimeTap Professional or Business Plans

6 Reasons to Upgrade to TimeTap Professional or Business Plans

Ally Patterson

If you are running a larger business or organization, you need a scheduling solution that fits all your needs. Most appointment scheduling tools and free softwares don’t offer the customizable features that make TimeTap such a valuable scheduling solution for large companies. If your scheduling tool feels limited or you need more customization and automation, consider trying a powerful and feature-rich TimeTap plan.

While there are many features to choose from, how do you know when you need to upgrade your business scheduling solution? Here are several reasons to consider upgrading your TimeTap plan to better streamline your appointment booking processes.

Your calendar needs to sync with your scheduling system

If your staff schedule appointments on their personal email calendars, there is a chance they may book appointments that conflict with the appointments they have scheduled on your business scheduling software. You need a tool that helps avoid double-booking appointments. Enter TimeTap’s 2-Way Calendar Sync feature. This robust feature provides better scheduling management by automatically adjusting staff availability when appointments are scheduled on their email calendar or on TimeTap.

This way, email calendars and TimeTap scheduling availability sync on both platforms - eliminating the potential for double bookings.

Instead of wasting time on updating calendars or forgetting to mark when an appointment takes place, TimeTap automates this process for you. Once a calendar is synchronized with our system, any events saved within that calendar will be visible on your TimeTap account. For example, if staff add time off or other events to their calendar, it will automatically adjust their availability in Timetap. This way, you no longer need to make manual updates to staff availability in your scheduling software.

You are booking appointments for multiple staff

Your business is growing. With multiple staff, you need a scheduling solution that consolidates your staff schedules into a single booking page. Our tool offers the ability to add multiple staff schedules to a single booking page, allowing you to book appointments with different staff members at the same time.

From the customer perspective, this better streamlines the process. They can select a particular time and view the available staff for appointments. Or, you can customize the scheduling order if, for example, you would prefer clients to first select a staff member before viewing their available appointment times.

This feature also simplifies staff scheduling by allowing each staff member the ability to self-schedule. Grant staff access to TimeTap with their own login for updating their schedule and availability for appointments. This makes it easy for staff to self-manage their schedules, so you aren’t bogged down in managing multiple staff’s availabilities.

Additionally, each staff member can offer different services, and appointment emails can be customized for each staff member. If you need some significant customizations to cover multiple staff, this feature has the power to meet your scheduling criteria.

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People can’t sign up because your class is booked

Waitlists are vital to keeping your business running at full capacity. Instead of losing business from a client’s cancellation, always have a backup plan using our waitlist feature.

Waitlists keep your customers from feeling like they have been turned away when a class is fully booked which typically makes it less likely they will return. By using the waitlist feature, you can avoid this negative experience for customers. When a class or service is full and offers a waitlist, customers will be automatically prompted to join the waitlist.

The best part of this feature is that a notification is automatically generated and sent to those on the waitlist once someone cancels their class or appointment. You can ensure your sessions are filled without having to constantly check and notify others yourself. TimeTap makes the waitlist process completely automated!

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You need travel time between your appointments

If your business calls for traveling to appointments, the last thing you need is to constantly adjust your availability to allow for buffer time between appointments. Even if your system allows you to manually schedule buffer times between appointments, you’re the one looking up the address, guessing traffic volume and parking, and calculating how much time you’ll need.

With TimeTap’s Intelligent Appointment Travel Time Calculator, we provide smart features that go beyond simple buffer times. This way, you can optimize your appointment schedule so you don’t book too many or too few appointments. The calculator uses Google Maps to calculate travel time between appointment locations and then automatically add drive-time buffers between each appointment – giving you the time needed to travel between appointments. The calculator uses the power of Google Maps to ensure that you’ll be on time without ever looking at the schedule in advance.

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You need additional information when booking appointments

Scheduling appointments is only half the battle with booking appointments. With a free booking software, you’re often only able to ask for basic customer information when scheduling appointments, but that doesn’t solve or simplify the process. You need an information-gathering tool that can capture any information your business needs as part of your appointment booking process. This could be getting clients to complete digital paperwork prior to their appointment or including additional custom fields in your booking form.

TimeTap offers two types of custom forms: Custom Booking Forms and Disclaimer Forms and Waivers. Both offer powerful features for automating the information capture for appointment scheduling.

With custom booking forms, you have the option to add unlimited customizable fields and choose how customers enter their information, whether it’s a text response, dropdown menu, or checklist. These options will give you the flexibility to gather customer information in a detailed way and even use it as a customer intake form which surpasses the basic form fields that most scheduling solutions offer. The information collected can be saved for reference within each customer’s profile or as a part of the appointment details area in your account.

If your business requires customers to sign disclaimers, waivers, or other agreements, TimeTap also allows you to build custom digital forms that can be sent to customers, signed electronically, and then returned to you. Use these forms to reduce paperwork, automate data entry, and increase the privacy and security of clients’ information.

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You need to customize and automate messaging

Automating messaging is more than sending appointment reminders. Your business is not generic, so your appointment messaging should not be either! With our business and professional plans, you can customize your email messaging. This includes everything from a cancellation email to an email that communicates next steps or follow-up information to a client. You can even create and assign unique messages for different staff members, services, or locations.

With our Recall Campaigns feature, you can set up a timeline for messages that go to clients at a certain time after a past appointment. This is perfect for setting up annual appointment reminder emails or follow-up messages that automatically go to customers. You can set the number of days, weeks, or months in which you want emails to be generated.

Custom automated messaging and recall campaigns means you never need to manually send follow-up or cancellation emails again. Our system allows you to customize the messaging and timelines so that your appointment booking is a streamlined and automated process – saving you valuable time and hassle.

These features, and many others, are what make TimeTap such a robust and customizable solution. Upgrading to our business or professional plans can help you transform your organization’s scheduling. Try out a free trial or book a demo with our team to see for yourself how TimeTap can streamline your scheduling process.

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