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How to Scheduling Class Session Registrations with TimeTap

How to Scheduling Class Session Registrations with TimeTap

Charlie Bedell

Creating schedules for class sessions can be very different from one-on-one appointments. Instead of booking individual appointments, it involves offering multiple seats. This usually involves registration for a multiday or regular interval of classes. You might also need a number of features unique to offering class registration. Many simple online schedulers aren’t complex enough to accommodate these differences. If your business relies on booking classes, it’s important that you find a scheduling tool that has the functionality to tackle building class schedules differently than it does one-on-one appointment scheduling.

To address this need, TimeTap has designed a feature-rich class registration management system that allows you to easily build your class schedules and access powerful backend tools that make managing your classes a breeze. Keep reading to learn more about how it works.

Quickly add and book repeating classes

You rarely offer a class once, and with your TimeTap account, you can easily add repeating classes to your schedule. Before scheduling repeating classes, you’ll first need to create each of your class offerings in your account. Check out our video tutorial for more information about creating classes for your schedule. Once you’ve entered the required information about each class, you can assign these classes to as many dates as needed, including repeated dates. You will be able to customize how often the classes repeat daily, weekly, and monthly.

Some of your customers may want to book multiple class sessions with you, especially if they are required to take different classes to complete specific requirements. In this case, you can direct customers to book multiple classes with one visit to the scheduler. This feature reduces the number of clicks customers must take to book their classes, streamlining the booking process for them. Classes can also be set to include a number of regularly scheduled days. After all, no one wants to select every date for a class that recurs every week. They should be able to select the class, and it automatically includes all the related dates for which it occurs. Learn more about how to enable your schedule to allow multiple bookings using our help guide.

Control your class capacity

TimeTap allows you to be completely in control of how many people can attend your classes. Book a small exercise class of five or offer 100+ capacity for an online class—whatever you choose, your class session will automatically close when it has reached its set capacity.

You can also adjust simple settings in your account to automatically or manually open or close a class. This helps you control when classes get booked and how many attendees they have. And if customers must meet certain requirements to join the class, you can create screening questions that only allow customers to view your schedule and book a class when they’ve met all requirements. Your staff can always override these settings to make any needed additions or adjustments to class rosters.

While TimeTap offers you many options to control when and how your classes get filled, it’s still flexible enough to allow for walk-ins to join your classes. Quickly add walk-ins to your class roster and keep your records up-to-date even when an attendee isn't able to pre-register for the class.

Get online class deposits and payments up front

Your business is always looking for ways to reduce cancellations and no-shows. A great way to do this is by requiring a deposit or class payment up front, and TimeTap can handle it all for you during the booking process with our payments feature. You can even incentivize customers to schedule early and book multiple classes by offering discounts or coupon codes when they pay online.

When you set up payments in your TimeTap account, you can choose whichever payment processor works best for you, including Square, PayPal, Stripe, and others. We even offer international payment processing for our non-American clients. Our software allows you to quickly export invoice lists from your account with all the accounting information you require. And you never have to worry about the security of your customers’ information—TimeTap has worked hard to be one of the most secure scheduling software on the market.

Fill cancellations with an automated, hands-off waitlist

With TimeTap’s automated waitlist feature, unfilled classes due to last-minute cancellations are a thing of the past! If you set up our waitlist feature for a class, customers will be able to join it when they are unable to book a class that’s already full. When a cancellation occurs, customers on the waitlist will be automatically notified via email with the option to claim and book the appointment from a link provided in the message. With an automated waitlist, you and your staff don't have to worry about endless phone calls to customers asking if they can fill a cancelled seat.

The data you gather from a waitlist is also a great tool you can use to grow your business efficiently. Waitlists allow you to see which classes and time slots are popular and may need more offerings in the future. TimeTap helps you collect, store, and manage data about your business in ways that are difficult, if not impossible, to do manually.

Offer digital check-in and attendance

Goodbye paper check-ins and class rosters! TimeTap simplifies class check-in and attendance by making it completely digital. With our Check-In Kiosk feature, you can get class attendees to check themselves in when they arrive. Or if class instructors need to take attendance, they can do so directly from their account. Both ways of taking attendance are easy enough to do with a tablet!

It’s simple to download class rosters and any information associated with the class into a spreadsheet. Additionally, each attendee’s contact information and class attendance are stored in your account for you to access any time. You can use this information to create recall campaigns that send follow-up messages to class attendees after they’ve completed the class. Recall campaigns are a great way to provide additional class information, advertise your other class offerings, or send annual reminders for certifications or renewal classes. Our system is built to not only schedule classes but to use the information from those classes to grow your business.

TimeTap makes it easy to set up your class schedule while streamlining the class booking process for your customers. Because our tool is built to schedule classes, we offer all the tools you need to efficiently organize and manage your class bookings — and expand your business in the process!

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