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Tool Tip: Customize Your Booking Forms

Tool Tip: Customize Your Booking Forms

TimeTap Team

We know your business relies on getting the right information from clients, and you want it done as efficiently as possible! TimeTap’s booking forms are built into the online appointment scheduling process, so you can finally ditch your paper intake forms and gather all the information your business needs. Learn more about this easy-to-use tool here!

How it works

You can set up your booking forms to request information from clients after they have chosen an appointment slot. You can create as many different booking forms as you need and customize the information you collect to work with your different schedules.

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As a result, booking forms can become digital intake forms that collect and save client and appointment information in your TimeTap account. This means there’s no need to keep up with paper forms, spend time with manual data entry, or rush clients through important intake questions before an appointment. Additionally, client information from the booking form gets automatically saved into a client’s profile in your account, making our software a lightweight CRM for your business.

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While many online schedulers automatically collect a client’s name, email address, and phone number, they often limit the number of custom fields you can add to your booking form. This limits you to using pre-written fields or working within a small number of available custom fields. TimeTap offers unlimited custom form fields so you can gather the specific information your business needs.

Additionally, we offer an API for connecting our scheduling software with any third-party software you might be using. For example, if you have an in-house client database or a software that houses patient records, you can use our API to make calls and seamlessly update client or patient information that you collect on the booking form. This makes our software an incredibly powerful tool – customized to meet all your sophisticated appointment booking requirements.

You can also choose how you categorize the booking form information saved in your account by adding both client and appointment fields to your form. Client fields collect information that is automatically saved and stored in the client’s profile for you to access at any time in your account. Appointment fields collect information specific to the appointment. This information is accessible from the appointment details but not in the client profile.

When you use our 2-Way Calendar Sync feature, all client and appointment information from your appointment booking form will be transferred to your personal calendar, giving you the flexibility to check your schedule from anywhere.

Get started customizing your booking form

Configure booking forms for your schedules from the Client Information tab in the Settings section of your account. To add or edit form fields, click the Define Form Fields option. When you create a new form field, you will be able to apply it to any future booking form you create.

Once clients complete the appointment booking form, they will see a confirmation message for their appointment. You can also customize this message from the Client Information tab. And if you have confirmation and reminder email and text messages set up for your appointments, clients will receive them at the email address or phone number they entered in the booking form.

TimeTap’s booking forms make it easy for your business to gather and store the information you need from clients.

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