6 Features that Streamline Appointment Booking Tasks

6 Features that Streamline Appointment Booking Tasks

Charlie Bedell

Your business is always looking for ways to improve processes and become more efficient. If your business counts on appointment booking, you know that scheduling appointments manually takes a lot of time and focus from your team. Simple online schedulers often lack the kinds of advanced features you need, so your company may benefit from a more comprehensive solution.

These six features offered by TimeTap will streamline your appointment booking processes, serve your customers better, and grow your business:

Streamline complex scheduling

Many online scheduling tools allow you to create multiple, separate schedules for each staff member, location, and service. But many of these tools lack the complexity to combine these separate schedules into one. With TimeTap, you can not only create unlimited schedules for all aspects of your business, but you can combine them into one booking site.

This streamlines the appointment booking process for your clients, allowing them to see appointment availability across your business. Clients can access schedules from custom booking sites that you build based on how your business is set up. These booking sites show your team’s combined availability without the need to share separate calendar links for each staff member or location.

Behind the scenes, our tool helps alleviate many different problems you and your staff might face with other scheduling softwares. Being able to combine multiple schedules into one relieves you and your staff from having to constantly switch between schedules. It also means that double booking is no longer a concern—our software makes sure combined schedules are synced to reflect shared spaces or staff who serve different locations.

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Build and send online forms

Your business relies on collecting the right information from your clients, but the process is easier said than done. Paper forms and manual data entry slow you and your staff down, and simple online schedulers often force you to use a pre-determined set of forms fields. TimeTap offers a better solution with custom online booking and agreement forms.

Our booking forms offer fully customizable form fields, ensuring that you get the exact information needed without ever touching a paper intake form. You can even create different booking forms for various staff members, locations, or services that you offer. Information entered in appointment booking forms is automatically saved in the client’s profile and appointment details, both accessible from your account at any time.

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You can also build and send custom forms, such as disclaimers, waivers, or other agreements, making time-consuming data entry a thing of the past. Custom forms can be fully configured for any need and automatically sent to clients, and clients can then electronically sign the form and send it back to you. Custom forms cut down on manual data entry and reduce the time spent tracking down forms from your clients. Your TimeTap account keeps track of each client’s forms for you, streamlining the entire process from start to finish.

Keep track of client information

TimeTap includes a built-in, lightweight CRM, so there’s no need for a separate CRM software. Use our tool to create a client database that is automatically linked to your online scheduler and makes keeping track of clients easy.

When clients book an appointment with you, their information is automatically saved in a client profile on your account. You can manually add, edit, or remove clients at any time, and client information can be exported for other tasks. Each client’s profile can be viewed from your account at any time, including their contact information, appointment history, or internal notes.

Searching your client database is easy using client details or tags that you’ve applied to client profiles. Tags are particularly useful when organizing your clients or sending an email to a specific group of clients.

You can simplify account management by syncing your online scheduler and client database in one program. For many businesses, TimeTap is the only client management software they need.

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Fill cancellations with waitlists

Your clients don’t want to miss out on their favorite classes or services, and you don’t want to lose business when someone cancels their appointment. Our waitlist feature helps solve these problems by automating the process of filling cancellations for you.

You can select which classes or services offer a waitlist, and clients can join the waitlist at any time. When a cancellation occurs, clients on the waitlist are automatically notified via email or text that there is an opening available. They can claim the appointment by clicking a link directly in the notification they receive. This means you never have to take time filling cancellations or calling a waitlist to ask if they want to take a new opening—TimeTap manages it automatically for you.

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Automate your schedule’s time management

Take more off your mind when it comes to scheduling by using tools that streamline how you manage your time. TimeTap offers a variety of features that help you effortlessly manage your schedules—both personal and professional.

TimeTap’s 2-way calendar sync goes beyond just putting your booked appointments on your personal calendar. It gets rid of double-booking hassles by automatically blocking off times when an appointment or other event is added to any calendar you’ve synced. You also never have to worry about which schedule you add an appointment to — your personal calendar and TimeTap calendar will automatically sync so you can see all appointments you’ve added in one place. Each of your staff members can sync their accounts separately from each other so their calendars aren’t cluttered by other people’s appointments.

If your business relies on traveling between appointments, using our Intelligent Travel Time Calculator can automate the process of scheduling time buffers on your schedule. While you can always manually add buffers to your schedule for parking or set up, the travel time calculator uses Google Maps to take the guesswork out of how long your commute between appointments will take. Once it calculates the best route and traffic level, it will automatically adjust your availability to allow adequate travel time. This means you never have to look up appointment addresses, guess how much traffic there might be at that time or calculate how much time you’ll need. The Travel Time Calculator makes scheduling for travel buffers much more efficient.

TimeTap also supports all time zones for appointment scheduling. Our system auto-detects your clients’ time zones when they book an appointment with you and automatically adjusts your availability based on the client’s time zone. This takes the stress out of finding an appointment time that works for both time zones while effortlessly showing clients around the world that you’re happy to accommodate them.

Use our time management features to automate the details of your schedule. You’ll find that they help further streamline appointment booking tasks and give you more time to work on your priorities.

Grow your business with recall campaigns

Following up with customers is vital to maintaining and growing your business, but it can be very time-consuming, especially when you do it by hand. That’s why TimeTap offers automated recall campaigns that are fully configurable for your business.

Recall campaigns allow you to schedule messages to go out to customers after you’ve seen them for an appointment. They can be used for almost any purpose, such as providing appointment follow-up information, advertising additional services, or reminding clients to book another appointment. You can set up recall campaigns for as many messages and as much time after an appointment as you like. Each message’s text can be customized to fit your specific needs, and you can even choose to send messages as an email or text to reach customers on different devices.

Our system uses information that’s already saved in clients’ profiles on your account to send recall campaign messages automatically. This means that you can set up campaigns once and not have to think about follow-up emails again, allowing you to effortlessly streamline the growth of your business.

Our tool offers robust features that simplify complex scheduling tasks for both your clients and your business. While many of these features can be taken care of manually, they cost your business unnecessary time and energy. An online scheduling software like TimeTap can easily automate many of these tasks for you, leaving you more time to serve your customers and grow your business.

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