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How to Accept Payments When Booking Classes and Services

How to Accept Payments When Booking Classes and Services

Starr Campbell

Giving your clients access to an easy-to-use payment processing solution can transform your business. How many times have you chased lingering invoices or dealt with costly third-party services? Adding the convenience of payment options integrated into your scheduling tool can make a huge difference for your time, money and appointment booking process.

If you are teaching classes, you don’t want to hassle with payments before a class session. Even worse, you don’t want to have to constantly invoice and chase down registrants to collect fees. You need a simple solution to collect payments as a part of the registration process.

Collecting payments in advance is also a good way to prevent last-minute cancellations. Be sure to develop a clear cancellation policy to prevent no shows. When you use our payment integration, you’ll be streamlining the appointment registration process.

Get started with accepting payments

Configuring your payment settings is easy to do with a few steps. First, you’ll need to access the Payments tab in your account. If you don’t see this tab, click your profile in the upper right corner of the page and select Account Settings from the dropdown menu that appears. From there, you can check the box to start collecting payments.

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Once this is set up, select Payment Settings from the Payments tab. There are a number of options available for customizing the payment process. Choose from the dropdown menu and select LumaPay, our preferred payments processor, or any of the other processors you prefer. With LumaPay, powered by Stripe or other payment portals, select the portal you want to integrate with your account and follow our instructions for set up. Your clients’ sensitive information will be processed and handled through your chosen portal with no added fees from TimeTap.

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Once you have set up the payments integration with your TimeTap account, you can also customize the payment process. The Payment Settings page is highly customizable and will allow you to tailor your payment collection to meet your and your clients’ needs.

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With our invoice system, you can create, manage and track your invoices within the software. You can also track invoices in other ways too, such as by navigating to a client’s profile and viewing the Payments & Invoices tab. When you need a detailed look at your invoices, you can run a report and export the list.

Payment features for booking classes and services

Once you have a payment portal set up, clients have up to 90 minutes to complete their booking and pay. In the event the client doesn’t complete the booking process in time, a cancelled appointment email will be sent to notify them. Clients on your waitlist will simultaneously be notified of the available appointment, and your time slots can continue to be filled quickly.

Do you want to offer promotions to attract more business? Send out a coupon code in a promotional campaign for your clients to enter when booking an appointment. Our payment processing tool can be set up to accept discounts and coupon codes.

Clients that book appointments over the span of multiple days for a course or program can pay a one-time fee during the booking process when you set a required payment for only the first day. There’s nothing worse than having a full calendar and clients from only half of the appointments make it in person. A streamlined payment system guarantees your time and your client’s money won’t be wasted.

Our premium level users use TimeTap’s payment portal feature to strengthen relationships with clients by providing easy, secure payments while making an appointment.

TimeTap’s features give clients and businesses the tools they need to manage active lives with a powerful schedule.

Learn how TimeTap can streamline your appointment booking tasks.

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